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Each Wellbaby Osteopath is passionate about the care of babies, children and pregnant women and they are all fully registered and an endorsed ACC providers. Come and meet our great team.

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Testimonials from a variety of Wellbaby's patients (pregnant women, children and babies) about their treatment experiences at Wellbaby. Alternatively, view our baby photo board to see our babies

Why visit Wellbaby Osteopaths

Wellbaby are an Auckland based group of osteopaths who have a passion for providing osteopathy for babies, children and pregnant women or mothers at an affordable price. (also see Oh Baby! Magazine Articles).

For babies those who visit the clinic often have a range of complaints related to traumatic births, fussy unsettled infants, breastfeeding problems. For toddlers and older children ear infections, asthma or the general 'knocks and falls' are common. For mums the focus is on pregnancy pain, postural and exercise issues.

The Wellbaby osteopaths have collectively provided over 5000 baby and mum treatments. So you can be assured our practitioners have the knowledge and professionalism required to look after you or your little precious one.

Each Wellbaby osteopath or osteo has undergone training in paediatrics, obstetrics and osteopathic therapy, and is a registered health professional who is highly experienced in delivering very comprehensive and gentle treatment. See testimonials for more information.


Booking online couldn't be easier;
and now every online booking will go into a monthly draw to win a free treatment
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Wellbaby is one of Wellwest's Integrated Services

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident our service is second to none. For this reason if you are not completely satisfied with your treatment we will happily either refund your money or give you your next treatment for FREE.

Where is Wellbaby?

Our Osteopaths are located at the Wellwest Clinic, 31 Lincoln Road in Henderson, Waitakere, West Auckland. Call 838 0631