Treatment Techniques Tailored to you

You are an individual; our osteopaths tailor a wide range of musculoskeletal and visceral osteopathic techniques to your specific requirements. We see adults, pregnant women, children and babies. Our practitioners can be fully trusted to take time to discuss techniques and gain your consent before the session commences.

The following is an indication of some of the techniques we use. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

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Postural Analysis

Due to the demands of modern living, people often unknowingly adopt poor postural patterns. This may negatively impact on the body's natural ability to compensate to normal everyday events. Over time simple movements may trigger a painful episode which may be acute and debilitating.

At Wellwest, we assess patient alignment and apply appropriate techniques. We offer easy to follow advice, regarding ergonomics, exercises and stretching to help you manage your health and posture.

Joint Manipulation

Reduced range of motion in the joints of the spine and limbs may give rise to asymmetry and abnormal loading. This mal-alignment may be associated with poor functioning of the body. Patients may experience sciatica, back pain and headaches.

At Wellwest we can apply a precise "manipulation", which often gives rise to an audible "click". The objective of which is to affect joint movement and body alignment.

Soft Tissue

Tense muscles and related connective tissues may be associated with ill health. Patients may experience limb, back, chest and neck pain. There are a wide range of approaches to effect a relaxation of the soft tissues.

At Wellwest, our approach will often include techniques such as stretching, inhibition, functional and muscle energy. All of these are hands on and are carefully focussed to the appropriate areas.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic fluid is responsible for the collection and disposal of the body's waste substances and transport immunity cells important for fighting disease. It is postulated that poor drainage may give symptoms that include localised pain and susceptibility to infection.

At Wellwest, we use carefully targeted manual techniques that work on the flow of lymphatic fluid with the objective of affecting your overall health and vitality.


The internal organs facilitate key body functions, like the absorption of essential nutrients or disposal of waste products. Dysfunction can arise for a number of reasons, such as scarring due to trauma infection, operative procedures, or disease states. Patients may experience stomach-ache, constipation, diarrhoea, back pain and postural problems.

At Wellwest, through a series of intricate techniques we attempt to work with the visceral organs. We use a series of hands on techniques that gently move and stretch these organs.

Where is Wellwest?

Our Auckland Osteopaths are located at Wellwest, 31 Lincoln Road in Henderson, Waitakere, West Auckland. Call 838 0631