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A Variety of Patient Testimonials

This section contains testimonials from a variety of patients about their treatment experiences received at Wellrehab.

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Couldn't recommend Wellwest enough! The service and advice were top notch, especially given my sport is roller derby. 10/10
Micaela, Personal Assistant

I first visited Wellrehab for issues related to a knee injury and subsequent knee replacement. The level of professionalism received at Wellrehab has been fantastic. I highly recommend Wellrehab. 10/10
Claire, Security

Professional with fantastic understanding of the related and various injuries common in the sports I do. Highly recommend. 10/10
Brian, Sales

I would highly recommend any sports person to see Wellrehab. They are a knowledgeable team with an understanding of various injuries. 10/10
Caroline, Martial Arts Instructor

I have enjoyed the advice regarding my training and paddleboarding. The Wellrehab team really know what they are doing.
Luca, Student, Paddle boarder

Great treatments. I would recommend athletes come in to have basic maintenance and treatments. 10/10
Dong Chen, Crossfit Coach

I had niggly injuries and general wear and tear from training so much before completing my first full ironman. I highly recommend Wellrehab as a go-to for any sports injury. The treatments I received were thorough, and just what I needed. Very professional, friendly, and well-educated staff!
Michelle, Journalist

Where is Wellrehab?

Our sports osteopaths are at the Wellwest Clinic, 31 Lincoln Road in Henderson, West Auckland. Call 838 0631.