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Our Wellrehab team use a unique combination of osteopathy, movement analysis and exercise prescription to help care for your body's unique issues. Come and meet our passionate team.

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Why visit Wellrehab – Sports & Rehabilitation Specialists

Wellrehab are sports and exercise rehabilitation specialists. Our West Auckland registered osteopaths are professionally trained and highly experienced.

Our sports osteopaths work with you on a 'one to one' basis. They use osteopathic techniques and movement screens to diagnose injuries and dysfunction. They then offer postural and functional exercise advice to isolate muscle coordination and strength.

Our rehab osteopaths attempt to identify muscular imbalances that can be missed or exacerbated while training at the gym. They use bespoke strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation programmes to guide sports performance and the efficiency of movement.

The Wellrehab studio is part of Wellwest Healthcare and is centrally situated at 31 Lincoln Road in Henderson, Waitakere, West Auckland Call 838 0631.

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Where is Wellrehab?

Our sports osteopaths are at the Wellwest Clinic, 31 Lincoln Road in Henderson, West Auckland. Call 838 0631.

Wellrehab is one of Wellwest's Integrated Services

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