Osteopathic Healthcare What is it?

Osteopath health professionals view the entire person as a single, integrated unit. To identify the underlying cause of a condition the physician assesses and treats the whole person rather than just concentrating on the area causing pain. Osteopaths are interested in structural abnormalities such as, poor posture or injury, which may be restricting the body's capacity to heal. They apply a variety of manual techniques to correct these problems, enhancing the body's natural reparative processes.

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Dr Andrew Still, from the USA founded the osteopathic profession in 1874. He was originally trained as a medical physician but decided to find alternative forms of medicine when orthodox treatment was unable to prevent his wife and three children from prematurely dying. He later chose to abandon the use of drug therapy and concentrate on developing what became known as osteopathy.

The name 'Osteopathy' is derived from the two Latin words, osteon (bone) and pathos (dysfunction of) to emphasise the role that the musculoskeletal system plays in the body's healthy functioning. He recognised the body itself was a source of powerful healing properties and that the physician could potentially utilise these by interacting with the patient through the musculoskeletal system and by addressing key areas such as nutrition and exercise.

As Dr Still's reputation grew, osteopathy became increasingly popular and he opened the American School of Osteopathy. This created a new generation of osteopaths, which included William Sutherland who developed Cranial Techniques.

Since this period osteopathy has grown in popularity with schools being opened up around the world. The profession continues to gain respect and has been incorporated under legislation in New Zealand, bringing the country into line with the UK and Australia. This legislation officially recognises the profession as a legitimate form of healthcare and ensures public safety with only fully trained and registered physicians being permitted to practice osteopathy.

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